Comi Pak Engineering srl

via Lago di Tovel, 6i Z/I.2
36015 Schio (VI) - Italy
T. +39 0445 575631 - +39 0445 1925747
F. +39 0445 500390

The company

Comi Pak is an Italian company which has been operating for over 20 years in the packaging field and is specialized in the design and production of MADE IN ITALY clipping and twist-tying machines for closing bags mainly in the food industry.

Who are Comi Pak Customers?

We supply small laboratories as well as big industries, from small to big food producers (bakeries, confectioneries, dairies… for bakery and leavened products, pasta...) as well as manufacturers of automatic packaging machines, automatic bagging machines, bread slicing machines, blowers, intermittent conveyors, twist and clip consumables, preformed bags.

Comi Pak machines

Any company that needs to close bags with a clip or a twist is a potential customer for Comi Pak.
Comi Pak designs and produces machines that automatically apply a closure to bags in order to guarantee preservation and freshness of the bag’s contents and machines which quickly and safely form bundles of different thicknesses.
Range is composed of manual, semi-automatic and completely automatic machines, all designed to be integrated or installed into packaging lines, in combination with form-fill and seal machines, with flow-pack machines, with bagging machines, in line.

Types of bag closures

Bag closing machines manufactured by Comi Pak run the following materials:

  • twistband, plastic twisted wire with central metal core;
  • clipband, plastic band with double side metal wire;
  • Aluminium band, the tamper-proof seal. Two heights are available (5 mm and 7 mm).


Comi Pak integrates its own products with scrupulously analyzed and tested accessories: for an economically more advantageous solution that can be easily absorbed while always keeping our eyes on quality, from a single products to a complete packaging line.

Comi Pak support

Comi Pak supports the Customer in all phases, from choice to purchase of the most suitable machine, guaranteeing all the necessary spare parts and consumables and providing constant phone service and local assistance, at any time and promptly. Therefore Comi Pak offers, constantly and promptly, a qualified top-quality after-sales service, thanks to its own loyal agencies network.
The machines are supplied with a “Kit of spares” that allows the Customer to intervene immediately in case of minor inconveniences while working.
Moreover all consumable materials are always available in stock, in all different colours.

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