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How do I choose the best printing unit for my clipband?

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Any information if printed/embossed on clipbands results to be better visible than on any other type of closure. How do we know what is the most appropriate type of printing for our clipbands?

Comi Pak offers four different types of printing systems according to the type of clipband used and to their final use. Let’s analyse them individually:

  • EMBOSSING TYPE: used with either plastic and aluminium clipbands, it is made out of alphanumerical metal punches. It prints numbers and characters by embossing them. It requires no management costs;
  • INK JET TYPE: used with plastic clipbands, it requires low management costs;
  • HOTFOIL TYPE: the most requested type. The printing quality as well as the quality/management costs ratio turn out to be excellent;
  • HP TYPE: the brand new type of ink-jet printing technology directly controlled from a software. It allows to easily and quickly change any data -even on more than one line- several times a day, and to print images too –such as corporate logos. This printing system is particularly indicated for high daily outputs.